The Journey

Two basic principles will guide our journey:
1)  We affirm that the Dances are vehicle of awakening and liberation.
2)  We hold that the deepest wisdom will not come from any one of us, but from the synergistic creative wisdom of the whole.

As your guides on this journey, we make no claim to “full presence”.  But we do have some extraordinary resources to share.  We know that you who join us will also bring great gifts.  It is quite likely that you are not fully aware of your greatest gifts.  Our intention will be to cultivate our mutual capacity to bring forth these from one another and from the whole.

For those of you who are interested in becoming certified as Dance Leaders of the DUP, we will provide support and training necessary to meet the recently revised certification standards set forth by the Mentor Teachers Guild (MTG) of the Dances of Universal Peace.

Various resources, maps and tools for the journey are organized under the following headings:

Presence    A brief portrayal of what we mean by the term as well as some remarkable resources for discovering Presence.

Body   The body is a powerful portal into Presence, when we drop below our mental body image to a direct, fresh awareness of body as-it-is.  Body awareness and magnetism will be cultivated through various powerful means.

Mind   Full Presence includes the whole being.  Mental development is an integral part of the picture.  The mind is also capable of understanding its own limitations.  We will  explore a body of knowledge useful for dancing and dance leading and survey the mind’s role and limitations for this journey.

Community  As a practice, the Dances of Universal Peace abide in community.  We will explore the role of community and community building for dancers and dance leaders engaging in this spiritual and communal practice.

Shadow  “Shadow” refers to the “dark side” of our being–those aspects of ourselves we’ve rejected, denied, hidden from ourselves or projected onto others.  In unveiling the dance of our life, we bring our whole being to the table (or dance floor) includes exploring and integrating the dark with the light.

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