Your Senior Teachers with over 20 years experience each.

A mentor of the DUP, Phil Murad Notermann brings a gentle whole-hearted devotion to the Dances and their great power to open us to a vast love, that is the very ground of our being. He has worked as a transpersonal therapist and engaged in more than 40 years of Buddhist meditation (as well as earning a M.A. in Buddhist studies). Murad served on the Unity Council, an international advisory council which developed recommendations now being implemented for reorganizing Peaceworks the International Network of the Dances. He has been serving as President of Oneness Project 2006-2010. Murad and his wife, Helen Gabel, have been happily married for 43 years and live in intentional community. He considers these relationships to be among his greatest teachers in an unfolding journey of the opening heart.
Hayra Fatah is a life-long sculptor of sound. She relishes the Dances as group practice, which may entrain one, into the subtle awareness of vibration (sound, light, and movement), essential to mystical experience. She mentors Dance musicians and leaders; and initiates and supports Dance outreach activities weekly, in a wide array of venues. As an advocate of harvesting the Circle’s innate wisdom, she supports inclusion of Seasoned Dancers in team building and vision setting. Additionally, Hayra is a Cluster Coordinator for the North Pacific Region, Sufi Healing Conductor, and Creatrix of Sacred Space thru beautification, and use of the elements and subtle physics.
  Twenty-seven years ago, when Helen Gabel first joined a Dances of Universal Peace evening, she knew she had come home.  Over the next few months she became familiar with the basic vocabulary of sacred phrases and common movements.  Gradually she became aware of the more subtle aspects of bringing oneself wholly into the dance, and of holding the entire circle (both energetically and practically). She has been the registrar or manager at many retreats, and she led the Seattle Circle’s Vision Team. To this nurturing stance she brings skills as midwife and adult educator, gardener and wife, seasoned communitarian and non-profit administrator.  Her inner life has been nourished by feminine spirituality, free-form dance, and meditation, in addition to the Dances of Universal Peace.
Munir Peter Reynolds
Kalama Reuter
Patsy Boyer

Your Facilitating Teachers

Patrick Adams
Stephen Matin Pierce
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