4th Weekend: September 27-29, 2015     

Tradition:  Ancestors of the Dances

*** Kalama Reuter Senior Teacher for Session 4 ***

Ancestors Dance List

SAM Dances  Foundation Manual

  • Be Ye Songs of Glory
  • Nembutsu Dance
  • Om Namah Shivaya Square Dance
  • Ram Na Dance for Circles of Five
  • Ram Nam Partner Dance
  • Ram Nam Snake Dance
  • As Salaam Aleikum Greeting Dance
  • Bismillah Dance with Partners
  • Dervish Cycle of Dances
  • Introductory Bismillah
  • Kalama Dance
  • Kalama Dance with Partners
  • Rahmat Dance
  • Rasul Dance
  • Rose Dance
  • Ya Hayy Ya Haqq Dance
  • Ya Hayy Ya Haqq Progressive Dance
  • Ya Muhammad Abdullah
  • Zikr Devotional Dance
  • Zikr Square Dance
  • Hare Krishna Hare Rama Dance
  • Three Wazifas Dance

HIK Dances

  • Benediction Dance
  • Thy Light is in all forms
  • Send Us the Peace
  • Let Thy Wish Become my Desire
  • Zikr Devotional Dance (under SAM)
  • Every Wave of the Sea
  • Toward the One
  • Universal Worship Dance
  • My House
  • Nayaz  (2 versions in Dance list)
  • Use Us for the Purpose
  • The Ocean Refuses No River
  • Draw Us Closer to Thee
  • Disclose to Us Thy Divine Light

Ruth St. Denis

  • The Gods Have Meant that I shall Dance
  • Unbroken Flows the Rhythm
  • Dances with free movements or those that call us to embody the Divine – like Greening with Life
  • Goddess Dances
  • Mantra of the GreenTara  Anahata / Prema

Historic periods

Early days    Dance Booklets    2 & 3

Middle    Booklet Dances   More English Dances

Creation Dances ;  Dancing with the Aramaic – Saadi influence

Foundation Manual Dances  –back to mantric movement,  a basic repertoire

Present  Vast explosion of Dances  on next page  Many respected leaders , Dances posted directly on website or self published Dances  

Dance list suggestions for “Historical since the 70’s” group  

This page thanks to Zaynab!!

(a short bio of the Dance originator would be appreciated, if possible)

All of the following have more than 10 Dances listed on the INDUP website:

  • Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz
  • Amida Harvey
  • Nickomo & Rasullah Clarke
  • Munir Peter Reynolds
  • Shabda Kahn
  • Amara Karuna
  • Narayan Eric Waldman
  • Philip Tansen O’Donohoe
  • Wali & Arienne van der Zwan
  • Timothy Dobson

These additional Dance originators have fewer than 10 Dances listed on the INDUP website, but have many more Dances available on their own websites, in Dance booklets they have published, or by email communication:

James Burgess                  9 Dances on INDUP, 37 Dances at http://www.jamesburgess.com/dup.html

Leilah Be                              9 Dances on INDUP, 2 Zikr/Dance booklets, [email protected]

Maitreya Jon Stevens    9 Dances on INDUP, young leader

Grace Marie                       7 Dances on INDUP, 2 CDs, including one with a Dance booklets, [email protected]

Anahata Iradah                 5 Dances on INDUP, “Dancing the Heavenly Abodes” CD and instruction booklet available at http://www.traveling-light.net/emporium-DUP3.shtml, many more Dances listed at http://dancesofuniversalpeacena.org/dupna-more-dances.htm , contact through link on that page

Amina Linda McMakin   4 Dances on INDUP, many more Dances listed at http://dancesofuniversalpeacena.org/dupna-more-dances.htm , order 2 Dance booklets and CDs at http://amina.carolinasufi.info/

Bernie Heideman            1 Dance on INDUP, many more Dances listed at http://dancesofuniversalpeacna.org/dupna-more-dances.htm , 10 CDs, most of which come with chords and Dance instructions, 2 DVDs of him instructing on how to lead his Dances at http://www.bernieheideman.com/music-and-dvd/   You can find many of Bernie’s Dances on YouTube.

Michael Sheehan and Mu’mina Sparks-Smith     3 Dances on INDUP, 3 Dance booklets available with dozens more Dances, http://www.movingmeditations-dup.com/

Resources for Dance Ancestors


  • Spiritual Dance and Walk   Murshid SAM’s 10 Lessons in Spiritual Walk and early dances.  First two chapters are good background on the DUP network.
  • In the Garden, Harmony Books, LAMA Foundation  Stories, poetry, and teachings of Samuel Lewis
  • Wisdom Comes Dancing,  Kamae Miller   Writings of ruth St. Denis on Dance, Spirituality and the Body
  • A Pearl in Wine, Zia Inayat Khan,  Essays on the life, music and Sufism of Hazrat Inayat Khan
  • The Mysticism of Sound and Music,  teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan or any of his Message Volumes.

Internet Sources

www.ruhaniat.org   Has a fabulous section under Lineage Godparents

Audio section has SAM Gems

YouTube channel has Wali Ali and Murshida Vera recalling SAM

And SAM leading Dance  as well as Murshid Shabda speaking on Hazrat   Inayat Khan

www.wahiduddin.net  Complete works of Inayat Khan, please get prayers here

Introduction to Hazrat Inayat Khan section

Dances of Universal Peace section

Videos of Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid SAM

Ruth St. Denis Project  5 part video of her life and work  www.youtube.com/watch?v=42Hc6pvnI8A

And for contemporary directions of the Dances, a wonderful article by Murshid Saadi on DUP: Sacred Mission and Transmission  can be found on pages 28 -36 at


Any online copies of the North American Journal are also wonderful at


Study Groups for Session 4


  • Kerri Malika – will be out of town
  • Rabia Pam
  • Gita-Barkat
  • Karen Rachmana-Karuna

Ruth St Denis

  • Angela
  • Ariel
  • Bonnie
  • Alethea
  • Claire

Hazrat Inayat Khan

  • Margy
  • Zaynab
  • Anya
  • Janet – will be out of town
  • Lynne Joy

History of Dances since SAM/Contemporary

  • Akia
  • Zarifa
  • David
  • Diana



One Response to Session 4

  • I have in mind leading a couple of more modern Dances from international sources, and the two I felt called to, after attending Munir’s weekend here in Eugene are: Shakti Ye (originator? I know the Dance, but can’t seem to find it in the write-ups) and/or Aad Guray Nameh (from Glen Unmana of England).


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