First Weekend: September 27-28, 2014    – Salem –    LIMIT 20

*** Only 1 Spot remaining ***

Friday Dance, Sept 26    7-9pm At workshop location. CLICK 4 MAP ***

*** News and changes will be reported first on this website ***

Presence, Skill and Attunement for Dancers and Emerging Leaders

*** Hayra, Murad, and Helen  –  Senior Teachers for Session 1 ***

Abbreviated Curriculum for 9 Weekends over 3 years: Fundamental Elements of Mastery, Mastery as a Dancer, Mastery in Leading Dances (if you choose to lead), Study of Major Religious Traditions, Transmission, Walks, History of the Dances, Elements of Musicianship, Voice, Instruments and Rhythm in support of Dances.

Senior Teachers: HayraFatah, Helen Gabel, Murad Phil Notermann, Munir Peter Reynolds, Kalama Reuter, Patsy Boyer (each with over 20 years senior experience)

Facilitating Leaders: Patrick Adams, Matin Stephen Pierce

As with any deep exploration, we begin by looking into the nature of who we are as individuals, who we are in community, and who we are in relation to the Divine.  Our lives are unique and also share many familiar paths that enable us to empower each other on this journey. Within each of us is a hidden treasure longing to be known. Join us as we unveil the Dance of Life within each of us.

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LIMITED to 20 Participants

Angela Scott, registrar: [email protected]
Patrick Adams: [email protected] (503) 245-7339
Matin Stephen Pierce:  [email protected] (503) 936-5318

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