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Q: Is this Program for Dancers or Dance Leaders?

A: Both. First, there is a role of Dedicated Dancer that is less often discussed and explored than dance leading.  We hope to provide ample support for Dedicated Dancers and would like to see this area of focus increase throughout the Dance community.  Next, it would be valuable for all dance leaders to understand the fundamentals of being a solid Dedicated Dancer.

Much of the program focuses on Dance Leading and there will be an abundance of instruction in this area.  Also, the core fundamentals of the program are diving into the foundation of the Dances (deepening) and with that unveiling of who we are as individuals, and ultimately in connection with the divine, oneness. The path has many flavors, groups will form, life long bonding of kindred spirits, truly anything is possible. If you come as a Dancer with no interest in becoming a certified dance leader, WELCOME!  In this case, you might choose to lead dances during the program simply to gain a deeper understanding of the dances.  To truly empower all aspects of the dance we encourage participants to experience as Dancing, Leading, and being a Musician.

Q: Will I be a certified leader at the completion of this program?

A: Maybe. The program is not designed to certify dance leaders. Certification is a process that occurs on an individual basis  working 1 on 1 with a dance Mentor. However, a majority of the core training and requisite understandings for certification will be covered. So, if you have a dance mentor, then it is very reasonable to expect that you could meet requirements by the end of this program.

Q: Do I need to have a dance mentor to participate in the program?

A: No. Whether you lead dances or not during the program, having a mentor is not required.

Q: How do I find or chose a Mentor?

A: Many may answer this question differently and there are many considerations. Throughout the program as you learn more about dance leading, important characteristics will emerge that help in finding the right mentor. The mentor/mentee relationship is one of mutual respect and we will discuss aspects of this relationship in depth during the program, especially in Session 2. Some suggestions: a) look for a leader you enjoy dancing with, where the dances they lead often touch your heart; b) look for someone you feel you could learn from. Everyone has a different style for teaching and a different style for learning. c) talk with/interview prospective mentors to get a feel for what it would be like; d) ask for inner guidance (this will be a great answer for almost everything we work with )

Q: Will the program always be at the same location? Is there a chance we might do this in another city?

A: Yes, Maybe, No – We’re not sure. A lot of this depends on the group. We potentially may have the entire 3 years session at the Sacred Space facility. We might also move to Newport, or Portland. Or alternate locations (though changing locations each time seems less likely as it can be helpful to establish a known pattern for logistics).

Q: Do I need to commit to the full 3 years right away?

A: No. You may attend the first session and see if it’s right for you. Whether you choose to continue  for the three year program or not, you can enjoy the first weekend with a fun group of loving friends.

Q: How many people will be in the 3 year program?

A: 20 – We would like to accept more, but realistically, with the need for individuals to receive feedback and support the time in a single weekend will not allow more than 20 participants. The number of participants could be slightly higher if a certified leader where to meet criteria for limited participation (see next question and discuss 1 on 1 if  this may apply to you).

Q: What if I am already a Certified Dance Leader or Mentor? Is there any value for me in being a participant in this program?

A: In many situations Yes.

As a certified leader, you probably already know of the value in diving deep with studying the history of the Dances, and the related inner work.  Each ‘dive’ offers a new perspective and we welcome your higher experience level with dances. And, if you have participated in many programs in the past, you might find the pace limiting.  If you’re not sure, let’s talk!

If  you are a dance Mentor, you may want to participate in this program with your Mentee.  It’s a great opportunity to go through a structured program side by side your mentee. Instead of being an ‘extra’ program, it could conceivably consolidate energy and efforts. Of course our program would benefit greatly from your expertise and we welcome you!

Special Case Partial Participation – If the 20 participant limit is reached, we may allow partial participation by more advanced certified leader/mentors so that they could participate with their mentee, for example.  In this situation the partial participant would not lead for feedback in the program (a main factor for the 20 participant limit).

Q: Can I attend parts of sessions, or just the sessions that I want.

A: Yes, and No.  We ask that participants commit to the 3 year program with an intention of attending all sessions.  However, ‘life happens’ and there may be conflicts with the schedule that simply do not allow one to attend every session.  Another situation might be the need to miss part of a session due to scheduling conflict with another commitment.  In these cases you are still fully in the program! Your fellow participants are counting on you!  We are on this journey together!

What we discourage is registering for the full 3 year program if there was an intention of only coming to sessions when certain senior leaders were present, for example.

The words “commitment” and “guarantee” can be trigger words for some. If this area of question is not clear, invite one of us to have a 1 on 1 conversation to gain clarity about whether the program intentions are a good fit for you.

Exception:  The first session might be a time where you are not certain if you want to join the 3 year journey or not.  If you feel at all drawn to this program, come to the first session and ‘check it out’.  The commitment for the first session is only to fully participate in the first session! 😉

Q: Will the sessions be recorded and how will recordings be used?

A: We intend to record the audio of all sessions.  there are two purposes for recording audio: 1) to extract/edit all of the Dances so that they can be posted to our website and available as an instruction resource on a private area of our website; 2) for review by leaders in the event there is a need for clarification about communication on a topic.  For example “did I really say that? i might need to clarify that in the next session”.  Only the Dance segments will be posted online and then behind the secure login site.  Video might become part of our training on a case by case basis.  Video is a great training tool, but some find it inhibiting, so this option would be offered only to those who request this level of analysis.


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  • Matin,

    Can you send me the list of Maboud’s dances. I want to pratice the one where one part of it was “I surrender…..” and we knocked our our hips in another part.

    Can you send me his list.

    Thank you.


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